2010-08-01 Lunarimplement 'should not store an uploaded file in clearte...
2010-08-01 LunarAdd :depot_path setting
2010-07-18 Lunartest suite pass with encrypted storage
2010-07-18 LunarInitial implementation of StoredFile
2010-07-08 LunarProtect uploads with a password
2010-07-08 LunarImplement a first batch of tests
2010-06-30 LunarReplace ajax-loader.gif spinner with a bar
2010-06-30 LunarAdd an upload progress bar
2010-06-30 LunarDefine <base href=...
2010-06-30 LunarFix Content-Type for /style.css
2010-06-30 LunarImport loading animation from
2010-06-30 LunarImport lightbox-fu (d5ba1da82f)
2010-06-30 LunarAdd plural to public/javascript
2010-06-30 LunarImport jquery.uploadProgress.js (a518b05fa)
2010-06-30 LunarAdd symlink to systemwide jquery.min.js
2010-06-26 LunarInitial commit of 'coquelicot'