Fix name-typo in NEWS
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2016-12-20 LunarPrepare for 0.9.6 release coquelicot-0.9.6
2016-12-20 Rowan ThorpeAdd Greek translations
2016-12-20 LunarAdd comments for translators regarding unit of storage...
2016-12-20 LunarAdd userpass authentication
2015-09-22 LunarPrepare for 0.9.5 release coquelicot-0.9.5
2015-09-12 LunarPrepare for 0.9.4 release coquelicot-0.9.4
2015-09-12 LunarSwitch to the default expiration time to one day
2015-09-12 LunarMake the cache directory configurable
2015-09-12 LunarStop IMAP and LDAP authenticators to error out when...
2015-09-12 LunarMake sure that we read and write binary files as such
2015-09-11 LunarExplicitly require on tilt/haml and tilt/sass
2014-05-07 LunarPrepare for 0.9.3 release coquelicot-0.9.3
2014-05-07 LunarSupport sub-directory installations
2014-05-07 LunarDrop support for Ruby 1.8
2014-05-07 Rowan ThorpeAdd LDAP authentication (with uid lookup)
2014-05-07 LunarStop spilling authentication errors to users
2014-05-07 LunarAdd Spanish translation
2014-05-06 LunarAdd support for generating gems using the newer Gem API
2014-05-06 Jérémy BobbioAdd support for the Psych YAML engine
2013-04-09 Lunarfix typo in Helpers::clone_command
2013-04-08 Lunarbump version number to 0.9.2
2013-04-08 Lunarcleanup old stub launcher for Coquelicot::Application
2013-04-08 Lunarensure gem files have been unlinked after they have...
2013-04-08 Lunarfallback on code version when the gem version is unavai...
2013-04-08 Lunaradd missing require for Coquelicot::Helpers
2013-03-21 Lunarbump version number to 0.9.1
2013-03-21 Lunarfix upload progress tracking
2013-03-21 Lunarfix an embarassing typo which prevented Coquelicot...
2013-03-14 Lunarbump version number to 0.9 (final)
2013-03-14 Lunarcope with Sinatra more aggressively trying to guess...
2013-03-14 Lunarfix app not starting when using Ruby 1.8
2013-03-14 Lunarproperly set paths when using a configuration file
2013-03-14 Lunarimplement better AGPL compliance
2013-03-14 Lunarsupport multiple languages for about_text
2013-03-14 Lunarupdate copyright years
2013-03-14 Lunarmove to an all-in-one command shell interface
2013-03-14 Lunarupdate to Moneta 0.7 and its new API
2013-03-14 Lunarfix wrong removal of files which expired after the...
2013-03-14 Lunardisplay nicer error messages in main app
2013-03-14 Lunarproperly i18n'ize Coquelicot::Rack::Upload
2013-03-14 Lunarinternationalize error_for_empty
2013-03-14 Lunarinternationalize error_for_max_length
2013-03-14 Lunarinternationalize Fixnum#as_size
2013-03-14 Lunaradd a page to help users understand what Coquelicot...
2013-03-14 Lunarallow users to select and retain a language
2013-03-14 Lunarimprove compatibility with Ruby 1.9.1 or later
2013-03-14 Lunarrewrite Jyraphe migration system
2013-03-14 Lunarspec and implement coquelicot-collect-garbage
2013-03-14 Lunarturn Coquelicot into a gem
2013-03-14 Lunarissue a warning when Depot.gc! is unable to read a...
2013-03-14 Lunardisplay nicer error messages for POST /upload
2013-03-14 Lunaralso protect requests other than POST /upload from...
2013-03-14 Lunarunwrap Upr::InputWrapper to detect a rewindable input
2013-03-14 Lunaradd support for upload progress using 'upr' gem
2013-03-14 Lunarallow to limit file size through the max_file_size...
2013-03-14 Lunarproperly handle large file uploads
2013-03-14 Lunarimplement file format 2.0
2013-03-14 Lunardisplay the README in 'get /README'
2012-03-23 Lunaralso return BadKey when OpenSSL raises a CipherError
2012-03-23 Lunarremove links in Depot#gc! when there is a link but...
2012-03-23 Lunarcosmetic rewrite of Depot#read_link
2012-03-23 Lunarspecify and implement behaviour of Depot#get_file when...
2012-03-23 Lunarspecify and implement behaviour of Depot#file_exists...
2012-03-23 Lunarproperly handle the case where we generate the same...
2012-03-23 Lunarproperly empty and remove files when Depot#gc! has...
2012-03-23 Lunaradd Depot#size to get current files count
2012-03-23 LunarDepot#files now returns an empty array for empty depots
2012-03-23 Lunarensure that StoredFile is providing correct content...
2012-03-23 Lunarproperly delete file in case of errors in StoredFile...
2012-03-23 Lunardisplay 'not found' when a bad password is given in URL
2012-03-23 Lunarraise BadKey in StoredFile#each if file has been opened...
2012-03-23 Lunaruse File::EXCL|File::CREAT instead of locking when...
2012-03-23 Lunarimprove parsing of encrypted meta data for small files
2012-03-23 Lunarsmall style adjustments in StoredFile
2012-03-23 Lunarchange StoredFile.create interface
2012-03-23 Lunardo not hardcode key and IV length in StoredFile.get_cipher
2012-03-17 Lunarremove useless url setting and base_href helper
2012-02-24 LunarMerge remote branch 'nadir/translations/de'
2012-02-24 Lunarfix redirect after successful upload
2012-02-24 Lunarfix extra '/' appearing when using base_href
2012-02-24 Lunarspec and document the 'url' setting
2012-02-24 LunarMerge remote branch 'sarava/master'
2012-02-24 Lunaradd license headers on source files
2012-02-24 Lunarswitch to FastGettext for translations
2012-02-24 Lunaruse haml-magic-translations instead of ad-hoc and outda...
2012-02-24 Lunarimprove user feedback for AJAX authentication
2012-02-24 Lunarsimplify parameters handling in authentication modules
2012-02-24 Lunarscrap home made config system to use Sinatra::ConfigFile
2012-02-14 Lunarmove requires where they belong
2012-02-14 Lunarmerge StoredFile app specific methods with the rest...
2012-02-14 Lunarmove Coquelicot::Depot to its own file
2012-02-14 Lunarmove Coquelicot::StoredFile to its own file
2012-02-14 Lunarmove coquelicot_app.rb to lib/coquelicot/app.rb
2012-02-14 Lunarrework part of configure mechanism
2012-02-14 Lunarimplement pluggable authentication using classes instea...
2011-05-02 mhextend layout capailities
2011-05-02 mhAdd configuration mechanism
2011-05-02 mhimplement imap authentication
2011-05-02 mhremove unnecessary check
2011-05-02 mhMake some methods more failsafe if some things are...