Fix name-typo in NEWS
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2016-12-28 Rowan ThorpeFix comment-bcrypt-invocation, echo adds newline
2016-12-20 LunarAdd userpass authentication
2015-09-12 LunarSwitch to the default expiration time to one day
2015-09-12 LunarMake the cache directory configurable
2014-05-07 LunarSupport sub-directory installations
2014-05-07 Rowan ThorpeAdd LDAP authentication (with uid lookup)
2013-03-14 Lunarminor rewording of extended description
2013-03-14 Lunarsupport multiple languages for about_text
2013-03-14 Lunarmove to an all-in-one command shell interface
2013-03-14 Lunarallow to limit file size through the max_file_size...
2012-03-17 Lunarremove useless url setting and base_href helper
2012-02-24 Lunarimprove settings documentation
2011-05-02 mhextend layout capailities
2011-05-02 mhAdd configuration mechanism