Fix name-typo in NEWS
[coquelicot.git] / Rakefile
2016-12-20 LunarAdd comments for translators regarding unit of storage...
2016-12-20 LunarAdd bug report address to translation template
2015-09-12 LunarTurn coquelicot_spec into proper integration tests
2014-05-07 LunarSwitch to GetText::Tools:Task in Rakefile
2013-04-08 Lunarproperly save mtimes in create_archive task
2013-04-08 Lunarexpand TarWriter#add_file_simple and #mkdir in create_a...
2013-03-14 Lunaruse gem version number when creating translation catalogs
2013-03-14 Lunarwhitespaces
2013-03-14 Lunaradd a create_archive rake task to create source tarball
2013-03-14 Lunarupdate copyright years
2013-03-14 Lunarinternationalize Fixnum#as_size
2013-03-14 Lunarturn Coquelicot into a gem
2012-02-24 LunarMerge remote branch 'sarava/master'
2012-02-24 Lunaradd license headers on source files
2012-02-24 Lunarswitch to FastGettext for translations
2012-02-24 Lunaruse haml-magic-translations instead of ad-hoc and outda...
2012-02-14 Lunarmove coquelicot_app.rb to lib/coquelicot/app.rb
2010-08-08 Lunarreshuffle code around
2010-08-07 Lunarimplement i18n and add french translation