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[coquelicot.git] / Gemfile.lock
2016-12-20 LunarPrepare for 0.9.6 release coquelicot-0.9.6
2016-12-20 LunarAdd userpass authentication
2016-12-20 LunarSpecify gettext as a development (rather that runtime...
2016-12-20 LunarUpdate dependencies
2015-09-22 LunarPrepare for 0.9.5 release coquelicot-0.9.5
2015-09-12 LunarPrepare for 0.9.4 release coquelicot-0.9.4
2015-09-12 LunarTurn coquelicot_spec into proper integration tests
2015-09-11 LunarRelax the dependency constraints for moneta
2015-09-11 LunarDeclare than any lockfile 2.x will do
2015-09-11 LunarDeclare than any haml 4.x version will do
2015-09-11 LunarDeclare that any Rack 1.x version will do
2015-09-11 LunarUpdate to Sinatra 1.4.x
2015-09-11 LunarUpgrade to RSpec 3
2015-09-11 LunarUpdate bundled gems
2014-05-07 LunarPrepare for 0.9.3 release coquelicot-0.9.3
2014-05-07 LunarSwitch to GetText::Tools:Task in Rakefile
2014-05-07 Rowan ThorpeAdd LDAP authentication (with uid lookup)
2014-05-06 LunarSwitch to new RSpec expectation syntax
2014-05-06 LunarUpdate dependencies
2013-04-08 Lunarbump version number to 0.9.2
2013-03-21 Lunarbump version number to 0.9.1
2013-03-14 Lunaraccess over HTTPS coquelicot-0.9
2013-03-14 Lunarbump version number to 0.9 (final)
2013-03-14 Lunarexplicitly add rake to development dependencies
2013-03-14 Lunarupdate all remaining dependencies
2013-03-14 Lunarupdate to Moneta 0.7 and its new API
2013-03-14 Lunarget an RSpec version with a working --backtrace
2013-03-14 Lunarallow users to select and retain a language
2013-03-14 Lunarimprove compatibility with Ruby 1.9.1 or later
2013-03-14 Lunarturn Coquelicot into a gem
2013-03-14 Lunaradd support for upload progress using 'upr' gem
2013-03-14 Lunarproperly handle large file uploads
2013-03-14 Lunardisplay the README in 'get /README'
2012-03-23 Lunarinstall 'sass' gem explicitly
2012-02-24 LunarMerge remote branch 'sarava/master'
2012-02-24 Lunarswitch to FastGettext for translations
2012-02-24 Lunaruse haml-magic-translations instead of ad-hoc and outda...
2012-02-24 LunarAdd 'thin' to development environment
2012-02-24 Lunarscrap home made config system to use Sinatra::ConfigFile
2012-02-14 Lunarupdate sinatra to version 1.3
2012-01-29 Lunarupdate test suite for RSpec 2.x and Bundler
2011-08-09 mhjson is also required
2011-02-07 mhadd Gemfile for bundler